Bombela Concession Company (Bombela) holds the 20-year Concession to design, build, part-finance and operate the Gautrain Rapid Rail Link. Bombela manages the client (Gauteng Provincial Government) interface and provides an integrated solutions approach for this Public Private Partnership (PPP) project, led by an experienced executive team, promising passengers a state-of-the- art transport system.

Bombela Concession Company Shareholders

Murray & Roberts Limited – Murray & Roberts is South Africa’s leading engineering, contracting and construction services company. It has created employment, developed skills, installed infrastructure, delivered services, applied technology and built capacity throughout South and Southern Africa for 105 years, making a significant contribution to socio-economic development in the region. Murray & Roberts operates in Southern Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australasia and North America.  Murray & Roberts is based in Johannesburg, South Africa with a public listing on the JSE Limited.

Strategic Partners Group – Strategic Partners Group (SPG) being the BEE partner, plays a vital role as a 25% shareholder in the Bombela Concession Company. SPG, true to its commitment, has demonstrated that it does not intend to be a passive investor but one who seeks meaningful participation in the Gautrain Project through its involvement even down to the operational level e.g. within Bombela Civils Joint Venture, Bombela Electrical and Mechanical Works and Bombela Operating Company.

Bombardier UK – Canadian company Bombardier is a world leader in the aerospace and rail transportation sectors. Its proud record consists of eight ‘Private Rail’ projects, two of which are for the London Underground. Subsidiary Bombardier Transportation is the global leader in the field of rail equipment manufacturing and servicing. It has a construction presence in 21 countries and is involved in 46 production sites.

Bouygues Travaux Publics – Bouygues Travaux Publics is one of the world’s top global ‘design and build’ civil engineering and building contractors with extensive experience in concession projects.  The company is ranked 2nd in Engineering News Record’s Top Global Contractors list with construction revenues of 6 billion Euros, 42% of which are earned outside of France. Bouygues Construction has successfully carried out over 200km of tunnel projects and recently completed the world’s largest tunnel, excavated with a tunnel boring machine under a ‘design and build’ contract for the high-speed train in the Netherlands.

The J&J Group – Founded in February 2000, is an investment holding and management company with investments in a select group of companies.  The Group holds investments in companies operating in the financial services, healthcare, information technology and industrial sectors.  The shareholding of the J&J Group is broad-based and extends to well over 200 000 individuals and their families.

Absa Capital, a division of Absa Bank Ltd – A subsidiary of Barclays Bank PLC, is one of South Africa’s largest financial services organisations, serving personal, commercial and corporate customers in South Africa. The Group interacts with its customers through a combination of physical and electronic channels, offering a comprehensive range of banking services, (from basic products and services for the low-income personal market to customised solutions for the commercial and corporate markets), bancassurance and wealth management products and services. The international experience from Barclays contributes to Absa’s local product offering.

Bombela Concession Company’s Implementation of Gautrain

Bombela implements the delivery of its concession obligations to design, build, part-finance and operate the Gautrain system through different contractual relationships. Bombela directly manages its part-financing obligations through various funding agreements with lenders. It has also contracted with entities, which carry the Bombela name, to specifically deliver the design, build and operate portions of the Gautrain system.

The shareholders of these entities are primarily Bombela’s founding shareholders (depicted in Fig 1.  Bombela Shareholder Structure) who operate at different levels within the Bombela Contractual Structure. These other Bombela entities are:

The Bombela Operating Company (BOC) which has been established to operate and maintain the Gautrain system. During the construction phase, BOC reviews the Gautrain design, the construction as well as undertaking a Testing & Commissioning process while preparing for the Operation and Maintenance phase.

The Bombela Turnkey Contractor (TKC) which has been established to manage the delivery of the rail systems, major civil infrastructure, as well as the integration of the electro-mechanical works. To appropriately fulfill the civil and electro-mechanical requirements, TKC has entered into two sub contracts – one with a Civils Joint Venture and the other with an Electro-Mechanical (E&M) Joint Venture.

Bombela Civils Joint Venture (CJV) is responsible for the design and implementation of the civil works component of the Gautrain.

Bombela Electrical & Mechanical Works (E&M) is responsible for the design, manufacture and installation of railway components and deliverables such as trackwork.

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