National Economic Development Strategies

The Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative of South Africa (ASGISA) is an initiative that consists of a set of interventions that are intended to serve as catalysts to accelerate shared growth and development.

Infrastructure spending by Government and state owned enterprises are expected to be around R400 billion in the next five years. R20 billion investment for Gautrain fits snugly in with the vision and objectives of ASGISA.

Gauteng’s Economic Development Strategies

The Gauteng Growth and Development Strategy aims to grow the economy to at least 8% by 2014, contributing to the national effort to halve poverty and unemployment.

This growth strategy seeks to not only increase growth rates but to translate this economic growth into job creation and economic development Gautrain, by creating 93 000 jobs during construction and 2 500 jobs per year during operation as well as growing the Gauteng GGP by almost 1%, is a major contributor to this strategy.


Considering the small amount of land it requires and the minor pollution emanating from it, rail transport is more environmentally friendly than most other means of transport.

A comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has determined the degree of impact which the Gautrain will have on the environment.

The EIA and EMP reports also provide mitigating methods to manage and decrease potential environmental problem areas that may be encountered during the construction and operation.

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