On 15 April 2005, the Gauteng Department of Public Transport, Roads and Works (GDPTRW) published a notice for the route determination of the Gautrain Rapid Rail Link in the Gauteng Provincial Gazette. Through this notice, the GDPTRW’s MEC Ignatius Jacobs gave notice that he proposes to determine the route for the Gautrain in terms of section 6 of the Gauteng Transport Infrastructure Act, 2001 (Act No. 8 of 2001) subject to written comments from interested and affected parties.


Notice for approval of route determined (134KB)

Kennisgewing van roetebepaling vir die Gautrain snelspoorverbinding (124KB)


Plan no: EW/01 & EW/02 (1,255KB)

Plan no: EW/03& EW/04 (2,141KB)

Plan no: EW/05& EW/06 (672KB)

Plan no: EW/07 (1,847KB)

Plan no: NS/01 & NS/02 (2,815KB)

Plan no: NS/03& NS/04 (1,218KB)

Plan no: NS/05& NS/06 (1,306KB)

Plan no: NS/07& NS/08 (1,356KB)

Plan no: NS/09& NS/10 (2,718KB)

Plan no: NS/11 & NS/12 (1,005KB)

Plan no: NS/18& NS/19 (1,087KB)

Plan no: NS/20& NS/21 (2,567KB)

Plan no: NS/22& NS/23 (1,430KB)

Plan no: NS/24 & NS/25 (2,211KB)

Plan no: NS/26& NS/27 (1,763KB)

Plan no: NS/28 & NS/29 (1,089KB)

Plan no: NS/30 & NS/31 (1,950KB)

Plan no: NS/32 & NS/33 (1,910KB)

Plan no: NS/34 (1,597KB)


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