Rail Services

Dedicated airport connection

A dedicated non-stop airport connection between Sandton Station and the OR Tambo International Airport offers world-class convenience for travellers.

During peak times, it will take travellers 15 minutes. During off-peak times, it will take 20 minutes between Sandton and the airport.

This purpose-designed airport link service advances Gauteng into a select group of world cities which are linked by rapid rail with international airports.

The minimum frequency between Johannesburg and the airport will initially be five trains per hour per direction during peak periods (a train every 12 minutes). There will be two trains per hour during off-peak periods (a train every half hour).

Passengers from other Gautrain stations will transfer to the airport route at Sandton Station where the passengers to the airport will use the separate east-west line platform. The station has been designed to make transfers quick and convenient and to cater for the special needs of passengers that have to carry luggage. Transfers will take place between platforms without any need to leave the station or pass through the ticket gates at the station concourse.

Gautrain will operate a 15-hour period every day from 05:30 in the morning until 20:30 at night.

Commuter service

The commuter service network includes a primary north-south route and east-west route.

Travelling at 160 kilometres per hour, Gautrain it will take less than 40 minutes to travel between Pretoria Station and Johannesburg Park Station.

The minimum frequency between Johannesburg and Pretoria will initially be five trains per hour per direction (one train every 12 minutes) during peak periods. There will be three trains per hour during off-peak periods (one train every 20 minutes).

Dedicated, exclusive bus and minibus taxi feeder and distribution services provided by the Gautrain operator, as well as the existing public transport services will be available to transport passengers to and from stations. Ample parking is provided at stations for passengers that park-and-ride as well as for passengers that are dropped off at a station (kiss-and-ride). Demarcated short-term parking has also been provided for passengers that need to be picked up.

Passengers can board Gautrain at any of the stations and travel to any of the other stations on the north-south service without the need to transfer. A passenger could board a northbound train at Midrand Station and disembark at Hatfield, Pretoria or, Centurion. A passenger could also board a southbound train and disembark at Marlboro, Sandton, Rosebank or Johannesburg Park Station.

To travel to Rhodesfield, passengers can board at Sandton Station or Marlboro Station, but if they enter the system at any of the other stations they have to transfer at either the Sandton or the Marlboro Station.

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