RHODESFIELD STATION (GPS: S:26°07.700′, E: 028°13.514′ )

Rhodesfield Station is situated east of Anson Street, south of Valencia Street, west of OR Tambo International Airport and immediately to the south of the Kempton Park CDB. Rhodesfield is close to the R21 and Aero City.

Station platforms are elevated and located approximately one third of the way along Viaduct 15, directly above the existing PRASA (Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa) railway lines running between Isando and Kempton Park.

The station entrance, concourse and parking area will be positioned at ground level on the eastern side of the existing PRASA railway lines.  In the longer term, access to the station would also be possible from the western side of the existing PRASA railway lines. This will be dependant on future integrated planning between Gautrain and PRASA.

Airport service train coaches will not be accessible for general passengers at Rhodesfield Station. Therefore, daily commuters using the general passenger services will only be able to embark or disembark at Rhodesfield, Marlboro or Sandton stations. The airport link can only be accessed from Sandton Station or OR Tambo International Airport Station.


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Transport to and from the station

  • Gautrain feeder and distribution buses will shuttle passengers to and from destinations within a ten kilometre radius of the station and cover the Kempton Park CBD.
  • There will be a Gautrain feeder bus every 12 minutes during peak hours.
  • Gautrain bus shelters will be placed every 500m in high-density area. Bus stops will be finalised after establishing the sustainability of routes.
  • Seamless, door-to-door transfers between Gautrain and other modes of public transport, such as municipal buses and taxis will be possible.
  • A new PRASA station is being constructed and linked to the Gautrain station to extend the catchment area of Gautrain and to support development initiatives in Rhodesfield.
  • There will be adequate timetable and route co-ordination with other modes of public transport. The Gautrain bus and train schedules will also be synchronised.
  • Gautrain’s Rhodesfield Station provides travellers from Ekhuruleni with opportunity to access the Gautrain system and travel to economic nodes and commercial developments elsewhere in the province.
  • Private vehicles can access Rhodesfield Station via Valencia Street and drop off passengers off conveniently in front of the station doors or use the shaded parking area at the station.
  • Public transport vehicles can access the station via Anson Road.
Bus Routes


  • Ample parking for 1 200 cars.
  • Affordable and safe parking for train users that want to leave their cars at the station (park and ride).
  • Parking for passengers that are dropped off at the station (kiss-and-ride).
  • Demarcated short-term parking.
  • Provision is made for bicycle storage as well as motorcycle parking bays.


  • Smart card electronic ticketing requires only one ticket for the train, bus and parking;
  • Commuters will be able to use preloaded smart cards at self-help, computerised ticket vending machines in order to pay for train trips, bus trips or parking.
  • Money can be loaded on to the smart card via cash, debit cards or credit cards.
  • Contactless technology means that smart cards will be scanned electronically when they are swiped past station access gate readers.
  • In future, Gautrain’s electronic ticketing system will form part of a single ticketing system for all modes of public transport across Gauteng.


  • Passengers will receive real-time information on timetables, fares and the destinations of trains and buses.
  • Electronic display systems inside trains and around stations.
  • Five trains per hour per direction during peak periods (a train every 12 minutes).
  • Three trains per hour per direction during off-peak periods (a train every 20 minutes).
  • Two trains per hour per direction during week-ends and public holidays (a train every 30 minutes).
  • The first train will be available daily at 05:30 and the last train will depart not earlier than 20:30.


  • Tight security on trains and stations through access control and electronic surveillance (over 650 CCTV cameras).
  • Security officers will be on guard and will maintain a visible presence at stations and inside trains.
  • Gautrain’s entire 80 kilometre rail network will be securely fenced with a 2,4 metre high security fence that will be regularly patrolled and maintained to prevent vandalism and unwanted entries.
  • Access control: only valid ticket holders will have access to station paid areas and platforms.

Passengers with special needs

Level boarding is a long-time feature of global underground railways. Matching the height and minimising the gap between Gautrain’s coach floor and the platform is designed to allow easy access for children, shoppers with heavy bags and the elderly. Each train set will have a section allocated to wheelchairs. The system will also accommodate mobility, sight and hearing impaired passengers.

On Gautrain’s dedicated Bus Link, low entrance floors, wide doorways and folding ramps will make it easier for passengers who have walking difficulties or those who need to use wheelchairs. Inside the buses, wheelchair positions will be fitted in accordance with the best practice designs available.

Places of interest and urban renewal

The Rhodesfield precinct is currently mostly low density residential in character, but is in a process of change as a result of the:

  • new Gautrain Station which will also give quick access to Sandton CBD;
    • a new PRASA (former Metrorail) station which will soon be built;
  • proximity to OR Tambo International Airport and new developments and expansion of the airport;
  • close proximity to the Aero City development;
  • neighbouring the Kempton Park Central Business District; and
  • the general location of the suburb in the hart of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality and thus a gateway to the East Rand.

Residential properties have already been sold to commercial developers. These areas will undergo dramatic changes as high-rise residential and office developments get under way. The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality has received several applications for commercial development including three hotels in the Rhodesfield area. The first hotel is already being built close to Rhodesfield station. Another development is a R600m mixed use development which is proposed on the remaining residential erven next to the Rhodesfield station.

The Ekhuruleni Metropolitan Municipality is in the process of revisiting the Local Spatial Development Plan for the precinct and will focus on some main issues including the roads planning within the larger precinct, pedestrian movement and urban design.  Land uses will be reviewed to be more in line with those in the other Gautrain station precincts, including Sandton, Rosebank and Hatfield.

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