Posted on Jun 3, 2009 in Construction Technology & Machines

Following a productive supply of 72 viaduct segments per week, the temporary precast yard celebrated the pouring of the last viaduct segment on 28 May 2009. Although this event marked a major accomplishment, guests also felt a tinge of sadness as the massive precast yard will soon be dismantled.

Gautrain’s precast yard is currently the largest precast facility in Africa. Situated near the train depot in Midrand, it is equipped to manufacture viaduct segments as well as other precast concrete elements required during Gautrain’s construction. As the precast yard completes certain production lines, it will be dismantled as the land is earmarked for the construction of the bus maintenance depot.

Viaduct segments are cast in sections of about 2,5m in length can weigh up to 56 tonnes each. The trapezoidal segments are 10,1m wide to accommodate two rail lines for trains travelling in both directions.

In order to supply viaduct segments for Gautrain’s 10.5 kilometres of viaducts, the precast yard has recorded impressive results since the first segment was cast in May 2007:

  • In total, 3 208 viaduct segments were cast.
  • Initially, only 11 viaduct segments were cast per week. In April 2008, a third production line was added and the weekly number increased to 72 segments cast per week.
  • Nearly 33 870 m3 of concrete was used.
  • Nearly 6 122 tonnes of reinforcing material was used.
  • A twin batch plant with an average generating capacity of 120 cubic metres of concrete per hour have been supplying the pre-cast yard as well as related construction sites in the vicinity with ready mixed concrete.
  • To suit the needs of a modern rapid rail link, concrete produced at the precast yard vary in strength up to 50MPa

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