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The construction of the Gautrain Park Station is currently well underway.  With much of the preparatory work complete, engineers are focusing on the challenge of ensuring smooth traffic flow during intensive construction activities.

In the recent months Gautrain announced its intention to divert traffic traveling through Smit Street to Wolmarans Street, and the temporary closure of Smit Street.  This allowed the Bombela construction team to commence with site establishment and full on construction of the first phase of the station box in a cut and cover structure.

The cut and cover method allows engineers to dig a large rectangular station box approximately twenty five (25) meters into the ground.  Once this has been achieved the box will be hollowed out and sealed at the top with a concrete slab. Traffic flow will be restored while construction continues beneath.

Extensive geotechnical investigations have taken place and have yielded evidence of rock that will affect the tunneling activities towards Rosebank. The hard rock section from Park station will be excavated by making use of conventional drill and blast techniques. The actual blasting exercise will not last longer than 30 seconds and will be monitored to ensure that vibrations remain within acceptable levels and to ensure that no blast vibration damage will be caused to the surrounding buildings and structures.

The first phase of the construction process has been completed and Smit Street will soon be restored to its original traffic flow with temporary upgrades.  Phase two will be implemented on the 29th of July and traffic will once again be diverted, this time in the reverse order where Wolmarans Street will be temporarily closed between Hoek and Eloff Streets. Construction of an additional lane will take place, converting Smit Street into a dual carriage way up to Harrison Street. Thereafter Smit Street will continue as a single carriageway.

Motorists are therefore encouraged to continue to use the route but to drive with caution and familiarise themselves with the new diversion.

Traveling on Wolmarans Street
Traffic traveling towards Braamfontein on Wolmarans Street will be diverted right into Hoek Street, left into Smit Street and then will proceed on Smit Street towards the Rissik Street/Smit Street intersection. Smit Street will be slightly curved between Hoek Street and Joubert Street.

Traveling on Smit Street
Traffic traveling on Smit Street towards the east from the Rissik Street/Smit Street intersection will continue down Smit Street.  After crossing Joubert Street, traffic traveling towards the east will drive through a slight curve towards the Sutherland Street/Smit Street intersection. Traffic will then continue westwards on Smit Street.

Vehicles accessing/leaving  African Life Building on 222 Smit Street
Gautrain will continue to maintain access points to tenants in buildings on Joubert Street by allowing a single access lane from the Rissik Street/Wolmarans Street intersection to Joubert Street (via Wolmarans Street). This access lane is intended only for the users for African Life Building.  Traffic leaving the building will then exit by accessing Smit Street (via Joubert Street).

Vehicles accessing/leaving Umjantshi House:
Vehicles intending to access Umjantshi House will be able to do so by proceeding eastwards on Wolmarans Street towards the Eloff Street/Wolmarans Street intersection where they will drive into the entrance to Umjantshi House. When exiting Umjantshi House, vehicles will proceed towards the Hoek Street/Wolmarans Street intersection and then turn left into Hoek Street and left into Smit Street.

Click here to access the road diversion map.

Gautrain apologises for the inconvenience caused during this exercise. We assure you that the current traffic diversion plans were approved by the Johannesburg Road Agency.  Monitoring and evaluation of traffic flows will be done after a reasonable time has passed and traffic has been allowed to adjust to the new road diversions.

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