Removal and Relocation of Palm Trees in University Road, Hatfield

Posted on Jun 27, 2008 in Media Releases

The Bombela construction team is preparing for the permanent removal and relocation of Palm Trees along University Road in Hatfield.  The palm trees will be relocated to make way for the future Gautrain alignment that runs adjacent to the existing SARCC railway tracks.  Due to the width of the Gautrain tracks, palm trees on the northern side of University Road are to be permanently removed and some will be replanted.

A specialist Entomologist and Mycologist were appointed by Bombela to assess the health status of the palm trees prior to their removal and relocation. The investigation was commissioned to determine which trees are to be relocated and identify those that were dead or terminally ill.   Approximately thirty one (31) trees will be relocated ranging between six (6) to twelve (12) meters in height.

The healthy palm trees between the Walton Jameson Road Bridge and Lynnwood Road will be relocated to the opposite side of University Road, between the large spaces of the current aligned palm trees.  The healthy palm trees between Lynnwood Road and Burnett Street Bridge will also be moved to the south side of the road. The exact positions are currently being assessed, and will take into account the underground and surface conditions in this area.

Bombela has already carried out preparatory work to relocate the trees which will commence on 01 July 2008.  The relocation will take place in the evening, after 20h00, and will require the partial closure of University Road during such time.  The trees will be removed by crane and loaded onto trucks and transported to their new position and replanted.  The relocation is expected to take place over a number of evenings until the work is completed.

The public is urged to avoid University Road from 20h00 until 06h00 during the tree relocation as the road will be closed.  Temporary signage will be put up indicating the road closure.

For further information, the public is advised to kindly contact the Gautrain Call Centre on 0800 Gautrain (4288 7246) or visit the Gautrain website on


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