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Gautrain’s rolling stock of 96 rail cars is based on Bombardier Electrostar series, known for their state-of-the-art technology and reliable, high performance standards. The first 15 rail cars, plus the body shells for the complete fleet, will be manufactured at Bombardier Transportation’s facility in Derby.

The 15 fully built cars will be transported by road to the docks in the UK and then taken by ship to South Africa, where they will again be transported by road to Gautrain’s train depot in Midrand.

The body shells and some of the major components for the remaining 81 rail cars will be shipped to Union Carriage and Wagon (UCW) in Nigel for final assembly. The underframes, roofs, bodysides and ends of each car will be produced at Bombardier’s site in Derby. These will then be “flat packed” into crates and shipped to South Africa.

It is expected that the UCW production will begin in August 2008 and run through to 2010. Teams from UCW are presently being trained in Derby. Skills are transferred in the assembly of the Gautrain rail cars. This delivers on Gautrain’s socio-economic objectives of skills transfer and job creation.

When production transfers to UCW, a team of Bombardier staff will work alongside South Africans to ensure a smooth transition. It is anticipated that that over 85 additional jobs will be created at Union Carriage as a result of Gautrain. Many other sub-systems and equipment will be purchased locally in South Africa for assembly onto the trains, giving a high level of local content.

Custom branded in Gautrain’s distinctive golden colour, the first four-car train set was proudly handed over to Gauteng Premier Mbhazima Shilowa at Bombardier’s Derby assembly plant in the United Kingdom on 8 July.

Electrostar car production process at Derby, UK

Receipt of pre-machined aluminium extrusion, which are assembled and welded in the Derby Carbody facility.

Welded Underframe, Bodyside and roof sub-assemblies fully painted and delivered to the Assembly facility. Each sub-assembly is fitted out at a designated assembly stage prior to main assembly.

Cab and Intermediate End structures are externally manufactured, and fitted out in a designated workshop on the Derby site.

All pre-assembled sub assemblies are then positioned into the main assembly fixture, and bolted into position.

When vehicle assembly has been completed, the vehicle will move through the following stages prior to dynamic test.

Upon completion of Static test, dynamic testing is then undertaken on the Derby sites 1.6km test track facility.

Assembly of Gautrain, Derby workshop to test tracks

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