February 2012 bus strike reimbursement procedure

Posted on Feb 20, 2012 in Operations

Many passengers have requested guidance on possible refund procedures in those instances where they have found it difficult to fully utilise their period product train trips due to the bus strike. Gautrain management is aware of these difficulties and has formulated the following procedures which we believe to be fair and equitable for customers affected due to their reliance on the bus service.

  1. Please complete a Refund Application form at your nearest station, clearly indicating that it is for un-used period product train trips due to the February 2012 bus strike. Kindly note that you can only apply for a refund once the applicable period product has expired.
  2. Please have your Gautrain Gold Card and positive identification document either ID, driver’s license or passport with you when you complete the refund application form.
  3. The refund application form will, on the same day that you complete it, be sent to the Customer Service Office at Sandton station where your refund request will be analysed to determine the actual affect by the strike. We will refund you the equivalent value for trips that you have been unable to use during this time.
  4. The refund amount is calculated by using the discounted fare per trip as applicable to the specific period product, multiplied by the number of week days that you were unable to use the train system due to the bus strike, to a maximum of the number of unused trips on the specific period product.
  5. This amount will be refunded by loading the equivalent Pay-As-You-Go value onto your existing Gautrain Cold Card. Kindly note that no cash will be refunded.
  6. The above analyses will be done offline and a Customer Service Information Officer will contact you telephonically to collect your refund, at one of 3 identified stations (Rosebank, Sandton and Centurion) on a date discussed with you.
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