How to use the Bus Service

The Gautrain bus service provides safe, comfortable and reliable passage to and from all Gautrain stations, with the exception of the OR Tambo International Airport. Every second bus is equipped with a wheelchair ramp and a wheelchair bay. Please ask your driver for assistance. On most routes, and subject to road and traffic conditions, buses are provided every 12 minutes during peak times and every 20 minutes during off-peak times.

To use the bus service, a Gautrain Card with a minimum value of R32 loaded onto it is required. No cash is accepted on our trains, buses or at the station parking exit booms. We make every effort to ensure that the bus intervals are adhered to, however our buses make use of public roads and the service is subject to road incidents and traffic congestion.

Train users enjoy discounted bus fares. To qualify, passengers need to:

  • Tag onto a Gautrain bus within 1 hour of exiting the station, or
  • Tag into a station within 1 hour of tagging onto a Gautrain bus

Boarding a Gautrain Bus

Please flag your bus when waiting at a Gautrain bus stop. To do so, please raise your arm as the bus approaches. Please note that should you not flag your bus, it may continue on its journey without stopping.

Tagging Onto a Gautrain Bus

When boarding a Gautrain bus, please ensure that you tag in by simply holding your Card to the area indicated on the Card validator. Please wait for the green light and beeping sound to ensure that your journey has been validated. See how.

Exiting a Gautrain Bus

Please press the buzzer to indicate your intention to disembark the bus. Your driver will be alerted of your intention and will stop at the next Gautrain bus stop. No tag-out is required when exiting the bus.